Next generation FullRange® Spectral Domain OCT/OCT-A

SOLIX is new technology built upon a proven foundation of high-speed Spectral Domain OCT. This FullRange® platform empowers practitioners to identify and manage numerous pathologies from the front of the eye to the back for a vastly superior diagnostic experience. SOLIX delivers multiple tools for a new generation of disease management that improves throughput and enables superior patient care.


Modalities Include:

  • Ultra-fast 120,000 A-Scans/second
  • 16mm FullRange Retina OCT
  • 18mm FullRange Anterior Segment OCT
  • Glaucoma 2x Repeatability & Reproducibility
  • AngioVue OCT-A for Retina and ONH
  • Wellness and AngioWellness
  • Fundus Photography & Meibography


For more information, please call 800-981-6726 or review the Product Brochure.