The VisuALL S VRP System is a virtual reality platform designed to make eyecare more productive and personalized. The VisuALL S is a platform and not a single test device. The power of the platform is only growing as more and more capabilities are being added. Today, the VisuALL S includes the following tests:

  • Visual Field

    • All common protocols e.g. 24-2, 10-2, 30-2, etc)

    • Testing time is about 3 minutes for threshold and 45 seconds for screening

    • 24-2c protocol which combines 24-2 and key 10-2 locations

    • Ptosis

    • Esterman

  • Visual Acuity (near and far acuity)

  • Color Vision (D-15)

  • Pediatrics Visual Field

  • Contrast Sensitivity

  • LCVA (Low Contrast Visual Acuity)

For more information please call 800-981-6726 or review the Product Brochure.